From a gold vending machine to camels: unusual facts about the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is a country of contrasts, where ancient traditions coexist with futuristic technologies. Let's discover five unusual facts about this unique nation!

Date: 05 October

1. Gold Vending Machines 

The UAE is renowned for its unique and luxurious attractions, but one of the most astonishing features is the gold vending machine - an innovative way to purchase gold. The gold vending machine operates similarly to standard vending machines. A buyer selects a product, inserts cash or a credit card, and receives gold in special packaging. The machines offer a wide range of gold bars, coins of various weight categories, as well as jewelry. Every item comes with a certificate of quality and authenticity. Gold prices in the machines are updated every 10 minutes, reflecting fluctuations in global precious metal prices and providing buyers with the current value. Gold vending machines are located in major shopping centers, hotels, and airports in the UAE, making gold purchases accessible for both locals and tourists. Buying gold through a vending machine ensures a high level of security and privacy. All transactions are strictly anonymous, and the vending machine's security systems protect against fraud and theft.

2.  Robots in the Police Force

Aiming to be one of the safest and most innovative cities in the world, Dubai has incorporated robots into its law enforcement agencies. Police robots have a variety of capabilities. They can interact with citizens, take reports, identify individuals, and even detect criminals using a database. Equipped with multi-language communication tools, these robots can cater to an international community. Integrated payment terminals even allow citizens to pay fines on the spot. These technological aides can autonomously patrol streets, ensuring safety and order, and their presence acts as a deterrent to potential offenders. Built-in cameras and biometric systems allow the robots to recognize faces and monitor suspicious activity, thus preventing crimes. Most police robots use electricity as their power source, reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

3. Ski Resort in the Desert 

Amidst the sandy dunes and scorching sun of the UAE hides a remarkable place - the world's first indoor ski resort in the desert, Ski Dubai. Located in the heart of Dubai city, this resort is a true marvel of architectural design and engineering prowess. Ski Dubai maintains a consistently cold temperature, allowing visitors to ski and snowboard right in the heart of the desert. The resort offers several tracks of varying difficulty, including steep descents for professionals and gentle slopes for beginners. Penguins even reside in Ski Dubai! Visitors can witness these enchanting creatures and even spend time with them, learning more about their behavior and way of life. Beyond skiing, the resort boasts a plethora of attractions: tubing, zorbing, snowboarding, and even rock climbing. For children, there are play areas and relaxation zones. After an active day, visitors can retreat to cozy cafes and restaurants offering warm beverages and delicious food, providing a space to relax and warm up. On-site shops allow guests to purchase or rent all the necessary equipment and attire for winter sports. Ski Dubai is not just a ski resort; it's an entire world of winter entertainment and astounding opportunities situated in the most unexpected place on Earth, the heart of the UAE desert.

4. The Largest Shopping Mall 

In the very heart of Dubai lies the grandiose Dubai Mall. This shopping and entertainment complex astonishes with its scale and myriad of opportunities for visitors. Spanning over 1.1 million square meters, The Dubai Mall welcomes you to a world of over 1200 stores, offering a broad range of products from globally renowned brands to unique local manufacturers. Incredible entertainment features, such as the world's largest aquarium and a European-standard ice rink, make every visit memorable. For art enthusiasts, there are galleries and exhibitions, while movie buffs will delight in modern cinemas. The Mall integrates the latest technological innovations and comfort, providing visitors with a unique experience, making shopping as convenient and enjoyable as possible. The Dubai Mall is not just a trading venue. It's a place where everyone can find something to their liking, be it captivating entertainment, gastronomic delights, cultural events, or simply quality shopping.

5.  Camel Racing 

In the UAE, a country where the past and future converge, traditional camel races, capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 km/h, have taken on a new dimension. They not only preserve cultural heritage but also incorporate modern technologies, making this sport one of the most exhilarating and unique. Camel racing is an ancient sport, tracing its roots back to the Bedouins, for whom camels were a prized possession and a source of wealth. Camels were used for transportation, as a food source, and as a means for athletic competition. Over time, this traditional sport evolved into organized competitions with significant prizes. In modern camel races in the UAE, robot jockeys are employed. This allows for reduced weight on the camel's back, facilitating faster movement. These robots are remotely operated, each equipped with a camera, enabling the owner to monitor the race and adjust the camel's movements. The UAE government strictly regulates camel racing, ensuring the care and protection of the animals. Camels are regularly checked by veterinarians, and their training and care are meticulously overseen. Due to these measures, camels compete in excellent physical condition, showcasing impressive athletic performance. Camel racing is not just an athletic competition but also a crucial part of the UAE's cultural heritage. It signifies respect for the traditions and history of the Bedouins and attracts tourists from all over the world eager to witness this spectacle.

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