Intellectual property flagships: a collection of companies revolutionizing the industry

The Real Estate industry is currently undergoing a real evolution. Now, brokers and investors have advanced AI assistants at their disposal. Neural networks collect and analyze data on properties, their prices, and even rentals. We've compiled a selection of companies creating cool AI services for real estate.

Date: 19 December


How do you quickly find the perfect property? HouseCanary has the answer - artificial intelligence. AI can provide vital information about the current price of real estate and predict price increases. How does it do this? AI analyzes data spanning over 40 years. This helps to determine the property's price with a margin of error of only 2.5%.


A SaaS platform for processing real estate data with the support of artificial intelligence. SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a model of software delivery. You don’t buy and install programs on your computer; instead, you simply use the platform online.

Cherre acts like a little secretary. It's multifunctional - collecting data, aiding in decision-making, automating work processes. It even helps in optimizing investment strategies. How to analyze rentals? The solution - AI analyzes rent payments and expenses for apartment buildings.

What's the practical benefit? HelloData optimizes rental prices and advises on how to increase NOI (Net Operating Income, which represents the difference between income and expenses from property operation. This indicator is used to assess the profitability of real estate investments and allows for comparison of different properties).

Skyline AI

A multi-armed Shiva from the world of artificial intelligence. Skyline AI simultaneously analyzes a multitude of variables to make forecasts. For example, if you want to buy an apartment. Skyline AI will calculate the potential rental income, analyze the attractiveness of the location, and consider additional factors, such as the presence of a coffee shop nearby. Skyline AI also identifies new opportunities that help investors make informed decisions.  

Ai Home Design

Ai Home Design It works like a level 80 Photoshop master. Ai Home Design easily modifies real estate photos, making them more attractive. The service offers various photo editing options - object removal, image enhancement. The artificial intelligence can also act as an interior designer. Ai Home Design allows you to edit, enhance, modify, transform, and alter photographs of any type of real estate, homes, or property. The service is useful for real estate agents, photographers, interior designers, and architects.


AI that understands the art of saving. The service helps property owners reduce energy consumption. AI makes adjustments to the building's operation. BuildingIQ allows for the extension of the service life of a building's energy systems thanks to prompt inspection.

AI is changing the real estate sector. The market is seeing the emergence of companies that assist agencies and investors in finding new approaches to buying and selling.



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